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Used Oil Recycling Program

Mission and Goals

The mission of the Used Oil Program is to protect the public and the environment from exposure to contamination caused by the improper treatment, storage, and disposal of used oil.

The goals of the Used Oil Program are to eliminate, or reduce, the obstacles to proper collection and disposal of do-it-yourselfer (DIYer) used oil, (i.e., used oil generated through household activities, including maintenance of personal vehicles) through a broad and extensive public education program, and by making used oil collection centers more accessible, and to maintain pertinent standards and regulations that apply to oil handlers including generators, transporters, processors, re-refiners, burners, and marketers.

Used Oil Recycling

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Rules and Statutes

Permitted and Registered Used Oil Facilities


Tracking the Program


For more information about the Used Oil Program, please contact Deborah Ng (801) 536-0218.