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Used Oil Program

The nation consumes around 252 billion gallons of petroleum products annually, primarily as fuel. Approximately one percent is refined into various industrial and engine-related oils. Much of that oil is unrecoverable; some due to severe contamination during use and some due to spillage. The amount of used oil that can be recovered varies greatly, from 10 to 80 percent of the original amount, depending upon its application.

National Statistics

  • Approximately 1.35 billion gallons of used oil are generated yearly.
  • Approximately 200 million gallons of the total used oil generated each year comes from do-it-yourself oil changers.
  • About 800 million gallons are collected by recyclers for reuse (about 59% recycling rate.)

Utah Statistics

  • Over one half million gallons of the total used oil generated each year in Utah comes from do-it-yourself oil changes.
  • Approximately 10,500,000 gallons of used oil are collected by recyclers for reuse.
  • The Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control is currently working with other state agencies and national organizations to try and approximate the total amount of used oil generated on a yearly basis.


For more information about the Used Oil Program, please contact Deborah Ng: (801) 536-0218.