Environmental Cleanup Program

Contaminated soil being treated and cleaned by a person in a hazmat suit and a backhoe mixing the soil with the treatment solution.

Cleanup at the Former Murray Laundry Site

A block of new apartments at the formery Murray Laundry site.

New apartments at the former Murray Laundry Site

The Division’s Environmental Cleanup Program staff work with facility owners and other interested stakeholders to manage environmental site investigations, cleanups and long-term environmental management of properties impacted by historic or current hazardous waste operations. The program is intended to streamline the cleanup process by focusing on reducing risks posed by the contamination at the site in order to provide protection of human health and the environment within the State of Utah.
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Start an application for voluntary oversight of your cleanup project.
A person in a hazmat suit blowing chemicals from a hose onto the soil in a dump truck. A backhoe and steam are in the background.

Cleanup operations at the Former Geneva Steel Facility

Cleanup Projects – Summaries

A summary of active site investigations, corrective actions and cleanup activities.
Cleanup Projects – Details

Details on project-specific contaminants, impacted media, scopes of work, timeframes and other items.
Projects w/ Site Management Plans

Sites with Long-term Institutional Controls with Activity and/or Land Use Restrictions.


To assist participants involved in environmental investigations, cleanups and revitalization efforts for hazardous waste sites, the Environmental Cleanup Program offers some resources listed below.

These examples are provided as a courtesy to assist in complying with the Divisions cleanup rule – Utah Admin. Code R315-101, by facilitating the submittal of more complete documents for the Division’s review and approval.

Work Plan Examples

Report Outlines & Conceptual Models

Templates & Guidance

  • Comfort Letter Request Form
    For prospective purchasers of environmentally impacted land. A $500 processing fee is required at the same time as submitting this request form.
  • Environmental Covenants
    An outline of important components to consider when leaving contamination at the site and the associated long-term stewardship that comes with that decision.
  • Contained-In/Contained-Out Determination
    See if your site qualifies for this determination which may reduce your contaminated soil disposal costs.


For more information about Environmental Cleanups, please contact Brad Maulding (bmaulding@utah.gov) (801) 536-0205