Tag: Environmental Cleanups

Environmental Cleanup Program

The Division’s Environmental Cleanup Program staff work with facility owners and other interested stakeholders to manage environmental site investigations, cleanups and long-term environmental management of properties impacted by historic or current hazardous waste operations. The program is intended to streamline the cleanup process by focusing on reducing risks posed by the contamination at the site …

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DEQ: Ten Reasons to Be Thankful

By Donna Kemp Spangler There’s a tradition at our house on Thanksgiving where everyone around the dinner table, family and friends alike, share something special they are thankful for. It’s typically the usual – good health, great friends or sometimes specific successes. So it seems fitting to be thankful for the Utah Department of Environmental …

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Keeping Used Oil From Going Down the Storm Drain

 By Scott Hopkins Editor’s Note: This is the second of a series of posts—during the month of September—focused on simple home improvement tips to help improve your quality of life and the environment. If you like to do your own maintenance on your car, you’re in luck: Utah has one of the best used-oil collection …

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