Anderson Geneva Development Inc. (formerly Geneva Steel, LLC)

The Anderson Geneva site is the former Geneva Steel facility located in Vineyard, Utah, in Utah County. The facility was constructed by the Defense Plant Corporation, an arm of the federal government in 1912. It was purchased in 1946 by USX Corporation (USX), United States Steel Division (USS). Geneva Steel acquired the facility in 1987 and operated the facility until 2001 until declaring bankruptcy. In 2005 Anderson Geneva LLC, and affiliates purchased the land from the Geneva Steel bankruptcy estate and now manage the Site deconstruction, remediation, and redevelopment.  The Bankruptcy trustee sold the steel making equipment to Qingdao Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. of China. Qingdao disassembled and removed all of its purchased equipment and completed its work in early 2006. CST Environmental, Inc. purchased the salvage rights from the bankruptcy estate in December 2004 with the requirement to demolish all of the buildings and structures to grade level.

A RCRA Closure-Post Closure permit was issued to USX Corporation for three closed Surface Impoundments at the facility in November of 1989. The Permit on-line not the official copy (please contact us for updated permit information) was subsequently reissued in May of 2004 to United States Steel (USS) and Geneva Steel LLC.  After purchase of the property Anderson Geneva Development Inc. became the Permittee in place of Geneva Steel LLC.  The Permit also included requirements to conduct facility wide corrective action. To date USX and Geneva Steel have been performing various activities including the RCRA Facility Investigation phase of the Corrective Action process.

As part of the RCRA program, a RCRA Facility Assessment (RFA) was conducted of the facility and a report of the assessment was submitted to Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (UDEQ/DWMRC) in March of 1989. The RCRA Facility Assessment (RFA) report submitted identified about 140 Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) at the Geneva steel facility that required further investigation. The RCRA Facility Investigation was completed in October of 2001. This phase outlined areas or groups where further corrective action measures are to be studied.

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Anderson Geneva Development Inc.

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Anderson Geneva Development Inc.

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