Disposal Facilities, Recyclers and Disposal Volumes:
Solid Waste Program

The following are facilities regulated by the State of Utah. The following tables show information on the location, facility contacts, and disposal tonnages.

2020 Non-Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal for Utah

FacilitiesMunicipal TonsC/D TonsIndustrial TonsTotal TonsCompost TonsTons Diverted to RecyclingNumber of Facilities
Class I Facilities (64 KB)2,359,939213,75742,0402,615,73648,67118,51723
Class II Facilities (56 KB)27,44818,32471946,49106,28910
Class III Facilities (68 KB)10,6090258,826269,43508,54728
Class IV Facilities (68 KB)26,286137,642728164,656011,61030
Class V Facilities (56 KB)875,452183387,5951,263,230107,34539,15810
Class VI Facilities (56 KB)01,107,88301,107,8830199
Transfer Stations (57 KB)[1]0047,47517
Recycling and Composting Facilities (64 KB)[2]9,0372,047011,084263,053724,74837
Totals [3]3,308,7711,479,836689,9085,478,515419,069856,363164

[1] Tonages for Transfer Stations are not shown because the waste is accounted for at the destination landfill.

[2] The overall recycling rate for the State (based on annual reports received in 2020) is 18.9%. This number does not include any recycling facility that is not required to report to the state.

[3] Totals do not include waste disposal at landfills not regulated by the State of Utah.


For more information, please contact Brian Speer (bspeer@utah.gov): (801) 536-0219.