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Disposal Facilities, Recyclers and Disposal Volumes:
Solid Waste Program

The following are facilities regulated by the State of Utah. The following tables show information on the location, facility contacts, and disposal tonnages.

2021 Non-Hazardous Solid Waste Disposal for Utah

FacilitiesMunicipal TonsC/D TonsIndustrial TonsTotal TonsCompost TonsTons Diverted to RecyclingNumber of Facilities
Class I Facilities 2,249,343229,3045,9022,484,549018,54523
Class II Facilities 38,51119,6031,95760,071020010
Class III Facilities 02,378432,092434,47005,19327
Class IV Facilities 36,041141,18825177,2548,0002,70430
Class V Facilities 971,751125460,2381,432,114136,2731,18010
Class VI Facilities 01,096,40041,2731,137,67308,2069
Transfer Stations )[1]2,096,303398,5077,4522,502,262061,63821
Recycling and Composting Facilities)17,90838,941122,226179,075288,267258,24632
Totals [2]3,313,5541,527,9391,063,7135,905,206432,540258,246162

[1] Tonages for Transfer Stations are not included in the totals because the waste is accounted for at the destination landfill.

[2] Totals do not include waste disposal at landfills not regulated by the State of Utah.


For more information, please contact Brian Speer (bspeer@utah.gov) at (385) 499-0010.

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