Used Oil Rules:
Waste Management and Radiation Control Laws and Rules

Current Used Oil Rules

The Solid and Hazardous Waste Act, Utah Code Annotated Title 19 Chapter 6 part 7, provides the Department of Environmental Quality’s Waste Management and Radiation Control Board the authority to make rules establishing the conditions and procedures for registration and revocation of registration as a used oil collection center, used oil aggregation point, or DIYer used oil collection center.  The Utah Code also provides authority to the Board to establish fees required to obtain permits and operate as used oil transporters, used oil transfer facilities, used oil processors and rerefiners, and used oil fuel marketers.  The Utah Code authorizes inspections and audits of entities subject to regulation under the code and authorizes the board to establish standards for used oil generators, collection centers, aggregation points, transporters, transfer facilities, used oil burners, processors, rerefiners, and marketers.

The Director of the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control administers these rules.

Since the rulemaking process is continuing in nature, the reader is also directed to the Utah Administrative Rules Website where the reader can find the current administrative code, current and past additions of the Utah Bulletin, and code change effective since the last codification.

NOTE: References to CFR refer the Code of Federal Regulations (Solid Waste regulations are contained in 40 CFR 279).

Electronic copies of the Code of Federal Regulations can be accessed at the National Archives Code of Federal Regulations eCFR web page.


  • R315-15
    This rule identifies materials that are used oil, and establishes standards for used oil collection, treatment, transport, storage, use and disposal.


For more information about the Hazardous Waste Rules, please contact Waste Management and Radiation Control (801) 536-0200.

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