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Used Oil Program

Managing used oil to maximize its economic value, while minimizing pollution makes good sense. The Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control believes that the majority of Utah residents are environmentally sensitive and willing to participate in a used oil recycling program. The Division is diligently working with local health officials and businesses in an effort to locate used oil collection centers in convenient locations around the state. Seventeen used oil steering committees have been established throughout the state to promote used oil programs, encourage recycling of used oil, develop public education materials, and establish DIYer collection centers in rural areas. The cooperation of Utah residents and business owners is required to achieve the state’s used oil recycling goals.

Every Utahn has the responsibility to help keep our state clean and safe by setting proper examples and encouraging others to follow. Please do your part to help recycle used oil!

There are over 200 locations throughout Utah that serve as collection centers for used oil. Most of these are private businesses that have volunteered to collect used oil from the public. Major participants are from companies such as Jiffy-Lube, Pep Boys,O’Reilly, NAPA, and many smaller auto repair and maintenance shops. Several city shops, county landfills and UDOT road shops are also used oil collection centers.

To find a used oil collection center nearest you call the Utah Department of Environmental Quality toll free, at (800) 458-0145.

Collection centers typically accept used oil from multiple sources that include both businesses and individuals. Aggregation points collect oil only from places run by the same owner or operator and from individuals. In Utah, DIYers can take up to five gallons and farmers up to 55 gallons of used motor oil to a collection center for recycling. Basically collection centers shall:

  • Register with the state Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control.
  • Application for a Used Oil Collection Center Keep a log sheet with name, address, date, and volume of used oil of dropped off at the collection center indicating that the used oil meets the standards for used oil recycling. That is, does not contain certain contaminants.
  • Have a tank or container to store the used oil, that is in good condition, not leaking and labeled with the words “Used Oil.” The tank must be located in an appropriate, protected location. If a collection center does not have a tank, the Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control may supply one. If fencing, concrete pad or containment barrier are needed, the collection center can apply for a grant from the Division for these items.
  • Arrange for getting the used oil collected and transported off site. Only transporters with an EPA ID number and who are permitted with the state may be used for this purpose.
  • Accept only used oil that has not been knowingly polluted with other substances.
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility for any liability resulting from accidental spill or mishandling of used oil.
  • Used Oil Collection Center (UOCC) Inspection Checklist

Become a Collection Center

If you are interested in becoming a Used Oil Collection Center, you can receive further information by reading our pamphlet on application to become a Used Oil Collection Center.

Recycling Reimbursement Program

The Division hopes to eliminate, or reduce , the obstacles to proper collection and disposal of DIYer used oil. To achieve this goal used oil collection centers must be convenient and the public must be provided with educational programs and readily available information.

The used oil reimbursement program began in July of 1994 as a way to encourage the establishment of DIYer collections centers and used oil recycling. The rebate program provides the financial incentive of four-cents per quart of used oil collected for recycling. The incentive provided to the recycler helps establish recycling programs and availability of recycling outlets promotes the growth of collection centers.

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For more information about the Used Oil Program, please contact Ted Sonnenburg (, (385) 499-0980.

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