Waste Permit:

EnergySolutions (formerly Envirocare of Utah) operates a commercial treatment, storage and disposal facility located in Tooele County, Utah. The facility is located five miles south of the Clive exit (Exit #49) on Interstate 80, which is approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The facility is one square mile in size and is located in a remote desert area of the Bonneville basin. It is about 20 miles from the nearest permanent human habitation. The site is arid to semiarid with an annual precipitation of 6 to 12 inches, while the yearly evaporation rate averages about 48 inches. The depth to groundwater averages about 30 feet. Because of its desert setting, the site is ideal for land disposal.

The EnergySolutions facility can receive two types of wastes. The first type contains both low level radioactivity and a hazardous waste component, known as mixed waste, and the second type of waste contains only a low level radioactive component. The mixed wastes operations are regulated by the Utah Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (DWMRC). Wastes that are only radioactive are also regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

EnergySolutions was authorized to store, treat and dispose of mixed waste by the Part B Permit on-line not official copy (please contact us for updated permit information) that was re-issued by the Director of the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control on April 4, 2003. The mixed waste managed at the facility includes contaminated soils, process waste, debris and sludges.

The mixed waste operations at the EnergySolutions facility consists of a disposal cell, a treatment building, a storage building and an operations building. The treatment building is used for stabilization of certain waste streams and the operations building is used for alternative treatment technologies, such as macroencapsulation and microencapsulation, as well as stabilization and storage of mixed waste.

The Compliance History for EnergySolutions lists the violations identified during inspections and the resolution reached.

EnergySolutions, LLC phone number is (801) 649-2000.

Comments or Questions

If you have any question concerning the permitting or compliance of EnergySolutions, please contact Otis Willoughby (owilloughby@utah.gov) at (801) 536-0200.

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