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  • Federal Cell License Application: EnergySolutions

    Related Links Update August 4, 2022 On August 4, 2022, EnergySolutions, Inc. submitted an updated application for a Radioactive Materials License for a new Federal Cell Facility. The application will be reviewed for completeness by comparing the documents with the subject headings in NUREG-1199, “Standard Format and Content of a License Application for a Low-Level…

  • R313-70-7 License Categories and Types of Fees for Radioactive Materials Licenses

    Related Links Radioactive Material All Current Fees (1) Special Nuclear Material (1)(a) Possession and use of special nuclear material in sealed sources contained in devices used in industrial measuring systems, including x-ray fluorescence analyzers and neutron generators (1)(b) Possession and use of less than 15 grams special nuclear material in unsealed form for research and…

  • R313-70-8 Registration and Inspection Categories and Types of Fees for Registration of Radiation Machines
    Radioactive Material Fees

    Related Links (1) For machines registered under R313-16-230, registrants will pay an annual registration fee and an inspection fee that shall be established in accordance with the Legislative Appropriations Act. Copies of established fee schedules may be obtained from the Fee Schedule page. Hospital/Therapy State Inspection RegistrationAnnual per control unit and first tube plus annual…

  • R313-70-9 Other Fees for Services
    Radioactive Material Fees

    Related Links (1) Expedited application review. Applicable when, by mutual consent of the applicant and affected staff, an application request is taken out of date order and processed by staff during non work hours. Per Hour 90.00 (2) Review of plans for decommissioning, decontamination, reclamation, or site restoration activities Plan review plus hourly 400.00 +…

  • X-Ray Program

    Related Links Administered properly, radiation is an invaluable tool in the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease. But most radiologic procedures also carry a potential health risk, and radiation can be harmful or even deadly if it is administered incorrectly. Medical x-rays account for the majority of the average citizen’s exposure to manmade radiation. The…

  • X-Ray Dose Comparisons:
    X-Ray Program

    Related Links Among experts there is no universal agreement on whether there is a risk associated with the small amounts of radiation exposure received from medical x-rays and if there is a risk what is the likelihood (probability) of harmful effects arising at some future date. Different methods have been formulated in an attempt to…

  • Inspections, Registrations, and Fees:
    X-Ray Program

    Related Links All x-ray tubes in the State must be registered every year with the Division, if they are attached to a control unit. Registration forms are sent to all registrants on file each year. Even x-ray units in storage must be registered if they are not in a retail sales facility. Additionally, the rules…

  • Waste Permit:

    EnergySolutions (formerly Envirocare of Utah) operates a commercial treatment, storage and disposal facility located in Tooele County, Utah. The facility is located five miles south of the Clive exit (Exit #49) on Interstate 80, which is approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah. The facility is one square mile in size and is…

  • Class A West Disposal Cell Infiltration and Transport Modeling Report:

    Related Links The following are separated sections of the full report, presented here for your convenience, or if you have difficulty downloading the complete report document.

  • Depleted Uranium:

    Related Links Depleted uranium, a byproduct of the uranium enrichment process, is initially less radioactive than naturally occurring uranium. However, the radioactivity of depleted uranium increases rather than decreases over time, posing significant challenges for safe and effective long-term disposal. Natural uranium is composed of three primary isotopes: U-234, U-235, and U-238. Nuclear reactors use…

  • Depleted Uranium Performance Assessment:

    Related Links Update April 16, 2021 The DU PA has been incorporated with the Federal Cell License Application. See the Federal Cell License Application page. Revision 2 of Compliance Report Update July 11, 2014 Revision 2 of the Report, “Utah Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal License (RML UT2300249)—Condition 35 Compliance Report,” which includes responses to the Round…

  • Depleted Uranium Compliance Report:

    Related Links With GoldSim Player one can view, navigate and run GoldSim models (however, one needs the commercial version of GoldSim to create new models and edit existing models). Public Comments to DU Rule For further information, contact Charles Bishop (, (385) 622-2211.

  • Depleted Uranium Performance Assessment Rulemaking Record:

    Related Links These are the documents prepared in association with the Radiation Control Board’s rule addressing depleted uranium. R313-25-8 Depleted Uranium Rulemaking (09/02/14) Applicable DRC Rules On April 2010, the Radiation Control Board approved a new rule that required EnergySolutions to conduct a performance assessment (PA) before disposing of large quantities of concentrated depleted uranium…

  • Depleted Uranium Performance Assessment Workshops, Education, and Discussions:

    Related Links Throughout the performance assessment (PA) process for proposed depleted uranium (DU) disposal in Utah, the Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control (DWMRC) has worked to keep the public informed and involved. In 2010 and 2011, DWMRC held a series of public information sessions and workshops to both inform interested stakeholders about components…

  • Depleted Uranium Performance Assessment Chronology:

    Related Links Update April 16, 2021 The DU PA has been incorporated with the Federal Cell License Application. See the Federal Cell License Application page. Update March 16, 2020 Phase 1 Basal Aquifer Study Update January 20, 2020 Draft Radioactive Material License Application for the Federal Cell Facility Update December 19, 2019 Federal Cell Facility…

  • Depleted Uranium History 2007-2010:

    Related Links The following updates provide a history of depleted uranium (DU) shipments to Utah and Division of Radiation Control (DRC) rulemaking on DU disposal, including the requirements to prepare a performance assessment (PA) and other relevant documents. Update: December 8, 2010 EnergySolutions Seeks Extension on DU Performance Assessment EnergySolutions has asked for an extension…

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