Inspections, Registrations, and Fees:
X-Ray Program

All x-ray tubes in the State must be registered every year with the Division, if they are attached to a control unit. Registration forms are sent to all registrants on file each year. Even x-ray units in storage must be registered if they are not in a retail sales facility. Additionally, the rules require the Division be notified within 14 days of the acquisition, transfer or disposal of an x-ray system.

The registration fee is $35.00 per tube. For example, if there is a control unit in a dentist’s office which controls separate x-ray tubes in two separate operatories, the registration fee would be $70.00 per year.

Facilities are inspected according to the following schedule. The frequency of inspection is based on the type of facility which uses the x-ray system and the way that it is used. The inspection fee listed is assessed at the time of inspection.

X-Ray Inspection Fees

Facility Type Facility Code Inspection Frequency Fee per Tube
Chiropractors DC 2 years $105.00
Dentists DDS 5 years $45.00 plus $12.50 for each additional tube on the same control unit.
Podiatrists DP 5 years $75.00
Veterinarians DVM 5 years $75.00
Hospitals HOSP 1 year $105.00
Industrial with high or very high radiation areas IND-H 1 year $105.00
Industrial with cabinet or other industrial units IND-C 5 years $75.00
Medical w/fluoroscopic or computed tomography units MD-F 1 year $105.00
Medical w/general purpose radiographic units MD-R 2 years $105.00
Radiation Therapy RT 1 year $105.00
Other-Educational OT-ED 1-2 years $105.00
Other-Low Exposure Medical OT-ML 3-5 years $75.00
Inspection reports submitted by independent qualified experts or registrants using qualified experts. $15.00

Registrants may be inspected by a state inspector or by a consultant who is registered by the Director as a qualified expert. Hospital registrants that employ a qualified expert to perform routine inspections will be inspected periodically by an x-ray staff member.

In cooperation with consultants, the Division has prepared guidance documents to be used when evaluating the calibration and performance of an x-ray unit.

The guides are as follows:

An inspection usually involves taking measurements, reviewing records, interviewing staff and discussing the results with the registrant. The x-ray unit is evaluated to ensure the equipment is properly calibrated and performs appropriately. Safety features are also evaluated and tested to ensure proper operation. The inspector also measures and calculates the Entrance Skin Exposure (ESE) to help evaluate patient exposures. Exposures in surrounding areas are also evaluated to protect operators and others nearby. If any abnormalities are identified, the inspector will investigate possible causes and assist with finding a solution.


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