The Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control has requested EnergySolutions to update its performance assessment on its “SempraSafe” proposal before it can dispose of more than 40,000 cubic feet a year of this waste. The action is necessary because of new provisions to a rule the Radiation Control Board adopted earlier this year that requires further analysis on certain types of wastes that may fall within what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission) considers “large-scale blending operations.” A public comment period will run from January 17th through March 16, 2012. Comments may be submitted by Email ( For more information view:

EnergySolutions is seeking approval to dispose of waste produced by Studsvik’s facility in Tennessee. The SempraSafe process is a joint venture between EnergySolutions and Studsvik to process US-generated low-level radioactive ion-exchange resins from nuclear power plants through Studsvik’s THOR® process. This process treats the ion-exchange resins using a thermal process to treat the organic material, creating a residue containing carbon and metal oxides. The residue is more physically stable after the treated process. It’s then placed in containers for shipment and disposal. The Division received from EnergySolutions an analysis on the SempraSafe process on February 14, 2011. Additional information was received in the submittal dated July 28, 2011. On March 8, 2011, EnergySolutions made a presentation to the Radiation Control Board regarding the new joint venture. For more information see the presentation.

An Updated Site Specific Performance Assessment has been submitted to the DRC as requested in by the DWMRC. Based on DWMRC’ review of the performance assessment, a Request for Information interrogatory was sent to the Licensee.

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