Fee Summary

Air Quality

Approval orders range from $250 to more than $31,500 and are based upon the size, type, and complexity of the facility. Operating permits are assessed annual fees, based upon yearly emissions.

Water Quality

Fees range from $500 to $10,800, depending upon type, size, and complexity or proposed facility.

Drinking Water

No fees.

Underground Storage Tanks

Registration fees of $100 for tanks on the PST Fund, or $200 for those not on the PST Fund, are required yearly on all regulated underground storage tanks.

Tanks participating in the Petroleum Storage Tank Fund are also assessed a per tank fee of either $50 or $150, depending on facility throughput.

Waste Management and Radiation Control

Radiation Control Fees

Licensing fees range from $150 to $1 million. Common fees include $440 for portable or fixed gauging devices and $1100 for medical use of radioactive material. Machine registration is $35 per control unit and the first X-ray tube. Additional X-ray tubes connected to the same unit are $35 each. Additional fees are charged for routine machine inspections. Annual and renewal fees are also assessed.

Waste Management and Radiation Control Fees

Fees range from $50 to $100 for used oil, up to $5,000 for solid waste and $50,000 to $200,000 for hazardous waste permits, depending upon the type of facility. Fees are also charged for permit modifications. The waste tire transporter or recycler registration fee is $100.


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