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Air Quality Self-Audit for Small Businesses

Review each question carefully and if you can answer yes to the bolded questions, please pay close attention because you may need to fill out a permit request form (494 KB).

  1. Does your process release any dust, fume, gas, mist, odor, smoke, and/or vapor to the outside air?
  2. Do you know how much pollution you are putting into the air?
  3. Do you generally understand the air quality regulations you are required to follow as a result of your emissions?
  4. Do you have an up-to-date site plan or blueprint showing all existing sources of air pollution?
  5. Do you regularly check each emission point to determine whether it is producing excessive smoke?
  6. Have you ever received complaints from neighbors regarding blowing dust, dense smoke or fall-out onto their property?
    • If yes, have you eliminated or controlled these emissions?
    • If yes, have the complaints stopped?
  7. Do you burn anything at your facility?
    • If yes, do you have permission to do so?
  8. Do you keep yearly records of all materials used in making your product(s)?
    • Do you understand how to read your MSDS sheets?
    • Do you annually review your records and, where necessary, the MSDS sheets, to determine if your emissions have changed?
  9. Do you know who your state air contact is?
  10. Do you have a current small source exemption?
  11. Do you think you may qualify for a permit exemption because your emissions are low? If yes on 10 or 11, skip to 17.
  12. Are your air permits and certificates current?
  13. Do you understand the emission requirements you must comply with related to your production limits? chemical contents of products you use? record-keeping?
  14. Do you use smokestacks for air emissions?
    • If yes, have the smokestacks been inspected and have permits been obtained?
  15. Do you continuously monitor to ensure your facility remains in compliance with the conditions in your permit(s)?
  16. If there is an upset of any kind with your plant’s air pollution equipment, do you know who to notify?
  17. Do you plan to modify your facility?
    • If yes, do you know if the modification will result in increased air emissions? If yes, have you obtained state approval for this modification?
  18. Are you planning to construct a facility that will emit any amount of air pollution?
    • If yes, have you obtained state approval to begin construction?
  19. If you have a permit and have completed construction, have you notified the state that you now intend to operate?

Take note of your responses. Pay particular attention to questions #1, #2, #7, #10, #11, #12, and #15. They may indicate that operational changes or permits are necessary.


Eleanor Divver (edivver@utah.gov), Business Assistance Coordinator: (801) 536-0091

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