Stationary Source Compliance

Major and Minor Source Compliance sections are responsible for ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met. This is done through inspections, audits, and enforcement. Industrial sources are inspected to ensure that they are complying with the rules. Division of Air Quality rules and policies are intended to achieve voluntary compliance, to encourage continuous compliance, to ensure consistent application of the Division’s rules throughout the state, and to provide a mechanism for documentation if formal enforcement action is necessary.


An effective way for the public to advise the Division of Air Quality of potential noncompliance occurring at a site or facility. Complaints can be filed by calling the Division of Air Quality at (801) 536-4000, or by using the Electronic Complaint Form.

Compliance Activities

Reported to the Utah Air Quality Board on a monthly basis. A summary of monthly compliance activities, including total inspections audits, compliance actions, settlement agreements, total settlement money collected, and company names for Settlement Complaints Agreements is provided for each month.

Compliance Advisories

Issued as a means to provide timely notice to a facility or company of apparent violations found during inspections or reviews. Early settlement agreement options are offered for companies who come into compliance quickly and wish to settle the Compliance Advisory without further administrative action.

Industry Breakdown Reports

Filed with the Division of Air Quality when a company has a breakdown, which results in excess emissions. Reports can be filed by companies electronically or by calling the Division of Air Quality at (801) 536-4000.

Notice of Violation

Issued when a company’s non-compliance warrants more directive action than a Compliance Advisory, or when the Compliance Advisory cannot be settled. A Compliance Advisory is typically the first line of notice for most violations. However, a Notice of Violation may be issued without issuing a Compliance Advisory. Notices of Violation can be resolved through Settlement Agreements, administrative hearings, consent orders/decrees, or through court proceedings.

Settlement Agreements

Administrative settlements to Notices of Violation and most Compliance Advisories. Settlement Agreements may include monetary penalties, supplemental environmental projects, and other actions necessary to restore compliance.


Many of the terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used by the Division can be confusing, so definitions have been provided.

Warning Letters

Written notices for minor compliance issues at companies or facilities where penalties may not be warranted.

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