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Moderate Area Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) Development

The development of an Ozone SIP is very much an iterative process. The technical foundation of any SIP involves numerous emissions inventories, air quality modeling assumptions, potential emission controls, and ever-fluctuating design values recorded throughout the air monitoring network. The rules for developing an ozone SIP provided by the EPA, known as the Ozone Implementation Rule, are very prescriptive about how these numbers must fit together to comprise an approvable plan. Various components are compiled early in the process only to be pieced together with other components later in the process. Corrections and adjustment to the various pieces is almost always necessary – even right up to the very end. Nothing appearing in these Ozone SIP development pages during the process of SIP development is to be regarded as a final product. The Utah DAQ is making this DRAFT work available for public review in an effort to ensure transparency throughout the SIP development process. We encourage the public to review and provide feedback on these intermediary products with the understanding that they are not yet final.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The DAQ will update this FAQ section as ozone Moderate nonattainment SIP development progresses and as general questions arise from the process.

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