Category: Air Quality

ULend Program

The ULend program is a collaborative approach for fixing compliance issues before they become a regulatory problem. The program focuses on small oil and gas producers who might not be able to afford the kind of expensive equipment that could help them identify and repair leaks early.

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Daily Wintertime PM2.5 Speciation at Hawthorne and Smithfield

For the primary purposes of better validating Utah DAQ’s photochemical modeling, UDAQ will do more frequent speciation of wintertime PM2.5 filters. EPA’s Chemical Speciation Network (CSN) requirements specify either one-in-three or one-in-six day speciation of PM2.5 at three Utah locations (Hawthorne, Bountiful, and Lindon).

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TRAX Air Quality Observation Project

Utah’s Wasatch Front experiences poor air quality episodes during both summer and winter due to its unique weather, topography, and pollutant emissions. During winter, inversions trap unhealthy concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), while high pressure during summer leads to elevated ozone (O3) levels.

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