Pollution Prevention: The Foundation of Sustainability

Pollution Prevention (P2) means reducing or eliminating pollution at the source so that it never enters the environment in the first place. Instead of managing pollution after it has been created or at the “end of the pipe,” P2 focuses on first eliminating waste; then if the waste can’t be eliminated, try to find ways to reduce either the amount or toxicity of the waste. If the waste can’t be eliminated or reduced, then try to identify a way to reuse the waste in your process. Lastly, after trying to eliminate, reduce, or reuse the waste, the next option is recycling.

Pollution Prevention Week is September 16-22, 2020


Grant Programs for Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention (P2) Grants provide technical assistance to businesses in order to help them develop and adopt source reduction practices (also known as “pollution prevention” or “P2”).

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