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Comments can be sent by Email to: dwmrcpublic@utah.gov. The subject line for Email comments should state “Public comment for” and then the event title. For example, “Public comment on Holden Town Draft Permit.” All documents attached to an Email should be submitted as ASCII (text) files or in the PDF format.

Current Hearings & Comment Periods

EnergySolutions: Amendment 3 of 11e.(2) License UT2300478

Ashley Valley Class IIIb Landfill and Land Treatment Disposal Permit

Lehi City Class IVb Landfill Permit

Kinetic Energy Services LLC UO Transporter Permit

Clean Harbors Aragonite: Class 3 Modification Request

EnergySolutions: Treatment Variance Request

EnergySolutions: Proposed Stipulation and Consent Order

Tyree Oil, Inc: Used Oil Transporter Permit

Steve Forler Used Oil Transporter: Used Oil Transporter Permit

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