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Located in West Valley City, UT, 3form’s leadership believes that how business is conducted is as important as what is produced. 3form’s commitment to reducing their overall environmental footprint is exemplified through their Path to Zero goals. “Our Path to Zero initiatives is a set of ambitious goals that keep us striving for continual improvement,” said Crystal Frost, 3form’s Director of Sustainability.


3form employs over 400 people and manufactures award-winning architectural and hardware solutions for the architecture and design industry.

Environmental Goals

3form’s Path to Zero goals:

  • Stop sending manufacturing waste to the landfill
  • Be carbon neutral by 2017
  • Continue to increase the recycled content of their products

3form is meeting these goals by focusing on their environmental impact every day. Specific departmental environmental objectives are established for each key function with all of them directly supporting the three overarching Path to Zero initiatives.

Environmental Benefits

3form takes great pride in their zero waste to landfill initiative that diverts waste away from landfills and into recycling programs. The company has not sent waste to the landfill for months and has adopted several waste reduction efforts; including: reducing blem rates, designing packaging to address waste reduction and recyclability, reincorporating scrap into new products, and taking products back from customers at the end of their use.

In order to meet its carbon neutral goal, 3form reduces its air emissions by supporting renewable energy projects and implementing energy efficiency measures throughout the facility. The company also provides incentives to its 400 employees to travel to work by carpooling, taking public transportation or other means that produces fewer air emissions.

3form recognizes the need to increase the percentage of recycled content in their products instead of relying on only virgin raw materials. Most of 3form’s resin products contain recycled content. Most notably, 3form’s 100 Percent panels are made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE (#2 milk jugs). By using post-consumer recycled content, 3form is helping to strengthen the market for recyclable materials.

“Achieving our Path to Zero goals is an example of what can be accomplished when a company makes sustainability part of their company culture,” said Frost. The company vision—Committed people. Breakthrough products. Better planet—demonstrates their commitment to environmental and social stewardship.

The Recycling Coalition of Utah named 3form the 2011 Utah Recycler of the Year and the Utah Recycling Alliance awarded them with URA’s first-ever Zero Waste Award.

For more information, visit: 3form


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