Common Problems: Compliance

  • Business owners forget or do not understand the requirements that are in their permits. Often, a permit will stay in a file once it has been received.
  • Review your permit on a periodic basis. If you have questions, contact the engineer who wrote it (name and number are in the permit) or the Small Business Assistance Program.
  • Employees may not know about or understand permit conditions and how they relate to the way they do their job.
  • Help your employees understand the permit conditions. Review this information with them on a periodic basis, as a reminder. Make sure they clearly understand your expectations as they relate to the way they do their job.
  • The compliance “expert” leaves and no one else knows where the information is.
  • If your compliance expert is leaving, make sure you spend time with him/her beforehand. Make sure you know where the paperwork has been kept, and what he/she has done to assure compliance, and are aware of any other issues or concerns the expert may have.
  • Sources without permits are not always aware of what rules still apply to them.
  • Check the rules at least on a yearly basis to see if anything has changed. Also, even though a business may not have a permit, there is still paperwork it is required to keep. Make sure you know where this paperwork is kept so you can produce it if asked.


Eleanor Divver (, Business Assistance Coordinator: (801) 536-0091

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