Metal Finishers Case Study

Many metal finishers are adopting environmental improvement programs to help them reduce their water and energy bills and cut down on the amount of hazardous waste that they generate. Environmental improvement programs can also help meet customer demands as more and more customers are choosing to do business with metal finishers that have taken steps to reduce their impacts on the environment.

Use the following resources to learn strategies to help you:

  • Get the most use out of process chemistries.
  • Keep process chemistries where they belong—in the tanks.
  • Return as much drag-out solution as possible to the tanks.
  • Green Suppliers Network: Clean Lines: Strategies for Reducing Your Environmental Footprint
    Provides a list of technologies that can be applied to your metal finishing line to help reduce your water and energy bills and cut down on hazardous waste disposal costs.
  • Merit Partnership Case Studies: Chapter 04: Reducing Rinse Water Use with Conductivity Control Systems
    Provides information on how Artistic Plating and Metal Finishing of Anaheim, California implemented a conductivity control systems pollution prevention project.
  • State of North Carolina: Water Efficiency Manual
    The manual focuses on how to improve rinsing efficiency as a means to reduce water use at metal finishing businesses.


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