Study Help: Division of Drinking Water

Studying 20-30 hours for lower level exams and 40-50 hours for upper levels is recommended. Prepare by getting the study materials you need to pass the exam. Successful passing of the exam means you won’t have to wait 30 days, pay another fee, and do it all over again.

The exam will cover these six categories:

  1. Math
  2. Operation and Maintenance
  3. Pumps
  4. Chemical Feed
  5. Rules
  6. Safety and Security

Study Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations cover most of the material covered in the exam.

  • Advanced Math: PPT | PDF
  • Basic Math: PPT | PDF
  • Disinfection: PPT | PDF
  • Operation and Maintenance: PPT | PDF
  • Pumps and Motors: PPT | PDF
  • Rules Update: PPT | PDF
  • Safety and Security: PPT | PDF
  • Water Treatment Operation and Maintenance: PPT | PDF

Watch pre-certification videos and take the practice quizzes

Study Guides

These cover each category with about 30 or more practice questions each. Answers are covered in the study presentations linked above. Basic is for small system through grade four, advanced is for grades 3-4.



Math Formulas
You will need to know these formulas for many questions in the exam.

American Water College Math Videos
Watch the videos in the water math section to help prepare for the exam.

Training Calendar
Find pre-certification classes and more training and relevant events near you. Provided by the Utah Water and Wastewater Training Coalition.

Lending Library
The exams were created using Reference Books as official reference. You can check out these and many more great resources for free from our Lending Library. We have books and DVDs that cover everything you need to know.

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