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Water Operator Certification Renewal Form

Attention search engines: This page is not for pool certifications. This page is unrelated to swimming pools.

Renewal and Reinstatement Steps

Step 1: The operator must meet the CEU requirements

Check certifications on record including CEUs, expiration dates, and water systems.

Step 2: Pay a Fee For Each Certificate

Pay the renewal fee if the certificate is less than 6 months past expiration (deadline is June 30th).

Pay the reinstatement fee if the certificate is more than 6 months (July 1st) & less than 18 months past expiration (deadline is June 30th).

Step 3: Submit the Renewal Application to the Division

A copy will be emailed to the Division and to the main email address on the application once the form is submitted through our website.

Find more information about the renewal cycle and the renewal process.

Find more information about applying for continuing education credit.

Find training opportunities and subscribe to the Training Coalition Calendar.

Find Systems that are looking for an operator & subscribe to receive notices

Renewal Steps

  1. Meet CEU requirement
  2. Pay Fee for each certificate
  3. Submit Renewal Form

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