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New Public Water Systems

New Public Drinking Water System Application

Complete the new Public Water System Information Form and submit it to the Division of Drinking Water.

Constructing a New Industrial or Commercial Facility

There are likely other environmental concerns besides the construction of a new water supply. You may need to address, for instance, industrial waste disposal.

If it is likely that several DEQ agencies will need to review the plans, we strongly recommend:

Construction Approval Process

Engineering plans and specifications for all public drinking water projects must be approved by DDW prior to construction. Plans and specifications must be prepared by a Utah-licensed professional engineer. Facilities must be designed in accordance with Facility Design and Operation Rules see R309-500 through 550.

New Source Development

Those wishing to create a new public drinking water system must pay particular attention to the rules governing the location, design, and construction of new drinking water sources (e.g., wells or springs).  See New Source Approval.

Other Regulatory Agencies

You may be subject to the regulations of the:

Operational Requirements

Those planning a new public drinking water system should be fully aware of the requirements which they will be subject to.

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