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Capacity Development: Division of Drinking Water

Creating a New Public Drinking Water System This program is designed to promote the establishment of drinking water systems that are financially viable and able to meet the challenges of the State’s rapid growth. All new water systems and systems seeking financial assistanceĀ (398.63 KB) must be evaluated for technical, financial, and managerial capabilities. To allow …

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Managing or Operating an Existing Public Drinking Water System

Bacteriologic and Chemical Samples A minimum number of bacteriologic and chemical samples must be taken from your system. Samples must be analyzed by a certified laboratory. Monitoring waivers may be available for certain chemicals. Certified Operator Certain water systems must have a certified operator. Conservation Plansā€”Utah Division of Water Resources Systems serving 500 or more …

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Creating a New Public Drinking Water System

Applicable Rule Requirements for the establishment of a new water system are described in R309-800-5. The information provided below should also be reviewed. Viability Review Those creating a new public drinking water system must demonstrate that their water system will have sufficient financial, managerial and technical capacity. See Capacity Development (R309-800) for more information. Establishing …

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