Tag: Financial Assistance Program

Projects that have received financial assistance.

Centro Civico Cleanup

Although the cleanup at the Centro Cívico seemed pretty straightforward, navigating a solution required DEQ employees to solve problems, actively engage stakeholders, and address public concerns with a professional and fair approach.

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Managing or Operating an Existing Public Drinking Water System

Bacteriologic and Chemical SamplesA minimum number of bacteriologic and chemical samples must be taken from your system. Samples must be analyzed by a certified laboratory. Monitoring waivers may be available for certain chemicals. Certified OperatorCertain water systems must have a certified operator. Conservation Plans—Utah Division of Water ResourcesSystems serving 500 or more connections must have …

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New Public Water Systems

New Public Drinking Water System Application Complete a New Public Drinking Water System Application (585 KB) and submit it to the Division of Drinking Water. Constructing a New Industrial or Commercial Facility There are likely other environmental concerns besides the construction of a new water supply. You may need to address, for instance, industrial waste …

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