Tag: Financial Assistance Program

Projects that have received financial assistance.

Centro Civico Cleanup

Although the cleanup at the Centro Cívico seemed pretty straightforward, navigating a solution required DEQ employees to solve problems, actively engage stakeholders, and address public concerns with a professional and fair approach.

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Managing or Operating an Existing Public Drinking Water System

Bacteriologic and Chemical Samples A minimum number of bacteriologic and chemical samples must be taken from your system. Samples must be analyzed by a certified laboratory. Monitoring waivers may be available for certain chemicals. Certified Operator Certain water systems must have a certified operator. Conservation Plans—Utah Division of Water Resources Systems serving 500 or more …

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New Public Water Systems

New Public Drinking Water System Application Complete a New Public Drinking Water System Application (585 KB) and submit it to the Division of Drinking Water. Constructing a New Industrial or Commercial Facility There are likely other environmental concerns besides the construction of a new water supply. You may need to address, for instance, industrial waste …

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