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State Revolving Fund (SRF): Drinking Water


See Rule R309-700. State Drinking Water Project Revolving Loan Fund.


All political subdivisions of the State of Utah (e.g., cities, towns, districts, etc.

Available Financial Assistance

Low-interest loans (typically 2-4%, 20 years) and grants. Of all the funds allocated by this program, only approximately 5% are authorized as grants.

Application Process

To initiate the process, complete, and submit the combined application form in Microsoft Excel. This version will allow data to be directly imported into our internal database. Please fill out the application and Email it to DDW. Submittal deadlines for applications are also available.

  • The application form must be accompanied by the most recent audit or financial statement of the applicant.
  • Further, an engineering report needs to accompany the application. The report must: describe the need for a project; list the various project alternatives which were examined; and justify the selection of the project which is being proposed.

Appearance Before the Utah Drinking Water Board

When all needed information is received, DDW staff will prepare a report to be presented to the Utah Drinking Water Board. At the board meeting, sponsors are given an opportunity to describe the project and respond to the staff’s recommendations. If deemed worthy, the project will be authorized.

After Board Authorization

Before a loan can be “closed,” a number of documents must be submitted and found to be acceptable. Refer to the Authorization Letter Template for a description of what is needed.


When all documentation is in order, a “closing” is held. If warranted, funds are transferred to a jointly-administered escrow account.

Construction Phase

Please note the following:

  • A pre-construction meeting must be held and a representative from the Division should be in attendance.
  • The Division will process pay requests as the project is built.
  • Construction inspection services must be provided by a Utah-licensed professional engineer.
  • Division personnel may conduct interim and/or final inspections of the project.

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