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Fees (Air Quality Permitting)

Statute 19-2-108(3)(a) requires sources to pay the applicable permitting fees for work performed during the NSR permitting process. The types of fees that are collected are required as pre-payment when submitted with the application and will be required before the application is processed. Listed below are a breakdown of the fees.

Payments can be made online or Checks should be made payable to:

State of Utah, Division of Air Quality
195 North 1950 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Source TypeFiling FeeReview FeeTotal Prepaid FeesBase Hours
New Major PSD with a Major source in nonattainment area$5,000.00$51,750.00$56,750.00Up to 450
New non-PSD Major Source in nonattainment area or Major Modification in nonattainment area$500.00$51,750.00$52,250.00Up to 450
New Major PSD Source$5,000.00$34,500.00$39,500.00Up to 300
New Non PSD Major source in attainment area or Modifications to Major source in attainment area$500.00$34,500.00$35,000.00Up to 300
New Minor Source or Minor Modification at Minor or Major Source$500.00$2,300.00$2,800.00Up to 20
Any unpermitted sources at an existing facility$1,500.00$2,300.00$3,800.00Up to 20
Administrative Amendments$500.00$500.00Hours worked
Generic permit for minor source or modifications of minor sources (source for which engineering review/BACT standardized)$500.00$880.00$1,420.00Up to 8
Name Changes$100.00$115.00 per hour$115.00*
Small Sources Exemptions$250.00$115.00 per hour$250.00*
Soil Remediation$250.00$115.00 per hour$250.00*
Source Determination Letters$250.00$115.00 per hour$250.00*
Temporary Relocations$805.00$805.00Up to 7
Sales/Use Tax Exemptions$115.00 per hour
PERMIT BY RULE Registration
Control not Required$250.00
Control Required$500.00
Minor sources (new or modified) with <3 tpy uncontrolled emissions$575.00$575.00Up to 5
Permitting cost per hour for additional hours over base review hours$115.001 hour
Permitting cost per hour$115.001 hour
Technical review of and assistance given (per hour)$115.001 hour

*Cost of fees updated July 1, 2023

* Remaining amount to be billed upon project completion

  • The filing Fee is non-refundable.
  • The fees for work being done on an hourly rate will be billed when the project is complete.
  • Maintenance or non-attainment areas: Box Elder County, Cache County, Davis County, Duchesne County, Salt Lake County, Tooele County, Uintah County, Utah County, and Weber County.
  • Attainment Areas are: All other permitted areas in the state
  • For additional information on Attainment areas please contact For further information or questions contact Jon Black (jlblack@utah.gov) (385) 306-6511.
  • For further information or questions contact Alan Humpherys (ahumpherys@utah.gov(385) 306-6520.

Annual NSR Fee

In 2020, the Utah Legislature authorized the Utah Division of Air Quality to charge an annual fee to each source that has an NSR Approval Order (Air Quality Permit). *The fee is based on the total potential emissions of the source. The potential emissions of NOx, SO2, PM10, CO and VOC will be added together to determine the total emissions for the fee category. The emission and the associated fee categories are listed below:

Emissions in tons per year (tpy)Fee
< 20 tons per year (tpy)$150
20 to 49 tpy$300
50 to 99 tpy$600
100 to 250 tpy$1,000
250 tpy$1,500

For further information or questions contact Alan Humpherys (ahumpherys@utah.gov) (385) 306-6520.

*This authorization was done through an annual budget bill passed during the 2020 General Legislative Session. See H.B. 8 at 6669-6677 (2020 General Session); see also S.B. 8 at 7556-7563 (2021 General Session), (S.B. 8 increased the fee for sources less than 20 tpy to $150 and removed fees for PBR sources with controls). Current H.B. 8 (2022 General Session) includes the same fee schedule as S.B. 8 (2021 General Session). See H.B. 8 at 7076-7082 (2022 General Session).

Annual Emission Fees (Title V)

Annual emission fees are paid by companies subject to the Title V or Operating Permit Program. These companies typically have large emissions, however Title V area source emissions for smaller sources without Title V permits are also chargeable emissions. Visit the operating permit program fact sheet to see if this program may apply to your business. Companies are charged an annual emissions fee based on the amount of pollutants they emit to the air. This fee pays for the administrative cost of the Operating Permit Program. Unlike Approval Order, NOI reviews, there is no additional fee for the issuance of an operating permit, the issuance of an operating permit is included in the annual emissions fee. The fee may be adjusted annually.

The emission fee for fiscal year 2024 (July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024) is $101.75 per ton of emissions.

For further information or questions contact David Beatty (dbeatty@utah.gov(385) 306-6532.

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