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    Asbestos and Lead Fees (83.16 KB) Includes Uniform Division Fees, Certification and Demolition Fees, and Asbestos and Lead Abatement Fees. Class V Inventory Review Fee: Utah Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program Injection well owner/operators of all Class V injection wells which are not authorized by a UIC permit must submit inventory information according to the…

  • R313-70-7 License Categories and Types of Fees for Radioactive Materials Licenses

    Related Links Radioactive Material All Current Fees (1) Special Nuclear Material (1)(a) Possession and use of special nuclear material in sealed sources contained in devices used in industrial measuring systems, including x-ray fluorescence analyzers and neutron generators (1)(b) Possession and use of less than 15 grams special nuclear material in unsealed form for research and…

  • R313-70-8 Registration and Inspection Categories and Types of Fees for Registration of Radiation Machines
    Radioactive Material Fees

    Related Links (1) For machines registered under R313-16-230, registrants will pay an annual registration fee and an inspection fee that shall be established in accordance with the Legislative Appropriations Act. Copies of established fee schedules may be obtained from the Fee Schedule page. Hospital/Therapy State Inspection RegistrationAnnual per control unit and first tube plus annual…

  • R313-70-9 Other Fees for Services
    Radioactive Material Fees

    Related Links (1) Expedited application review. Applicable when, by mutual consent of the applicant and affected staff, an application request is taken out of date order and processed by staff during non work hours. Per Hour 90.00 (2) Review of plans for decommissioning, decontamination, reclamation, or site restoration activities Plan review plus hourly 400.00 +…

  • Fee Schedules

    Current Schedule The public comment period for the Draft Fee Schedule occurs every year around September. Visit the DEQ’s Utah Public Notice page to find the next upcoming hearing. Further Details For further details or questions concerning the Draft Fee Schedule, contact Craig Silotti ( (801) 536-4460. See: Making Effective Public Comments.

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    NOTICE: All major credit cards are accepted for transactions below $4,000. Only electronic checks will be accepted for transactions $4,000 or higher.

  • Fees and Payments – Air Quality

    Make a payment Pay online For more than $4,000 Pay by check State of Utah, Division of Air Quality195 North 1950 WestSalt Lake City, UT 84114

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    Division of Drinking Water fees and payment applications.

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