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Charge Your Yard Incentive Program

Lawn care businesses: Get paid to go electric!

  • Up to $3,000 total credit per business
  • Recycle gas-powered hedge trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, string trimmers or leaf blowers, and get online credit at participating stores
  • Apply today! Registration below

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Now accepting applications

Application details below.

If you are selected

If your business is selected to participate, you will receive an email with instructions. Allow 7-10 business days to hear back.

Those selected will receive a coupon code to purchase battery-operated string trimmers, edgers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, and associated batteries and chargers from select retailers.

Is your business eligible?

Lawn care companies that:

  • are licensed to do business in the State of Utah
  • have a gas-powered string trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger, leaf blower, and/or chainsaw to recycle
  • operate 100% in Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, or Weber counties

Priority will be given to businesses that:

  • operate in Salt Lake City 
  • have fewer than 100 employees
  • operate in Environmental Justice areas as defined by the EPA EJ Screen Tool 
  • are BIPOC- and women-owned 

How to participate

1. Apply

Specific cities only

  • Only lawn care business that currently operate 100% in Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, and Weber counties can apply

You will be notified by email if you are selected

2. Recycle Your equipment

If you are selected, take eligible gas-powered equipment to a participating metal recycler

  • Recycle all equipment in one trip! Multiple trips will not be valid
  • Use the map further down this page to find the nearest metal recycler
  • DO NOT take your equipment to a landfill or you will not get your coupon!
  • Make sure the oil and gas is removed prior to recycling
  • Used oil can be taken to an AutoZone or O’Reilly and leftover gas MUST go to a landfill

Obtain a recycling ticket from the metal recycler at the time of recycling

  • Recycle all equipment in one trip! Multiple trips will not be valid
  • 1 trimmer/blower/etc. (unit) recycled = $500 ticket value
  • 2 units recycled = $1,000 ticket value
  • 3 units recycled = $1,500 ticket value
  • 4 units recycled = $2,000 ticket value
  • 5 units recycled = $2,500 ticket value
  • 6 units recycled = $3,000 ticket value
  • 7+ units recycled = $3,000 ticket value

3. Request a Coupon Code

First, choose a retailer to purchase from

  • Your choice is final! You can’t change this once you submit the coupon request form.

Use the number on the recycling ticket to request your coupon code using this form

  • You must select a retailer using this form. Your choice cannot be changed.


Use your coupon at the retailer you selected in Step 3

  • Use on an order greater than the value of the discount
  • Taxes and fees not included in discount
  • Valid for one-time-use

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to recycle my gas-powered equipment to get the discount?

Yes, recycling your trimmer(s), chainsaw(s), and/or leaf blower(s) is required. You will not receive credit for recycling any other gas-powered equipment.

How many gas-powered trimmers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers can I recycle for credit?

You can recycle as many units as you’d like, but the maximum credit awarded is $3,000. Recycling more than six units will not yield additional credit.

I didn’t get the email with my coupon code, what do I do?

Look in all email folders, including spam, for an email from ChargeYourYard@utah.gov.

I got a ticket from a metal recycler, now what?

Use the number on the recycling ticket to complete the coupon request form to receive your coupon code.

What if I recycle six units, get a $3,000 credit, and go back to the recycler to recycle 6 more?

Our system will recognize your business already received a $3,000 credit and will not produce another code for you.

What equipment can I buy with my coupon?

Battery-operated string trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, batteries, and chargers purchased from a participating retailer are eligible for the discount.

Can I buy electric equipment from any store?

No, the coupon codes will only work on purchases made at these participating retailers: Wilkinson Supply or Al’s Auto Parts.

Do I need to use the entire value of my coupon code?

Yes, your order should be greater than the value of the coupon code excluding taxes and fees.

Download promo materials

  • Informational flyer with FAQ
  • Social media images

Program terms and conditions

I certify I am

  • A commercial lawn care company
  • Licensed to do business in the State of Utah
  • Currently operate 100% in Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, and Weber counties

I agree to

  • Receive and use one coupon code per business
  • Make purchase online from a retailer within Davis, Salt Lake, Tooele, Utah, or Weber counties
  • Not resell any battery-electric equipment purchased through this program for profit
  • Not return any battery-electric equipment purchased though this program to the retailer for profit

I understand

  • DAQ reserves the right to select participants based on identified criteria and may change the criteria at any time
  • By applying for this program I am not guaranteed to enter the program
  • If I do not meet the eligibility criteria I will not be selected to participate



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