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Frequently Asked Questions: Utah Waterfowl Advisories

Why do we have waterfowl advisories? In 2005, duck consumption advisories were issued for Common Goldeneye, Cinnamon Teal, and Northern Shoveler ducks from the Great Salt Lake due to mercury contamination. Based on high mercury levels in Common Goldeneye, Cinnamon Teal, and Northern Shoveler ducks, a consumption advisory was issued by the Utah Department of …

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Health Risks: Utah Waterfowl Advisories

Safe Eating Guideline for Utah Waterfowl * A 4 oz. serving is about the size of one deck of playing cards. Great Salt Lake Marshes (Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber Counties) Species Contaminant Pregnant Women and Children Adults Common Goldeneye Mercury 04-oz. meal/month 1 8-oz. meal/month Cinnamon Teal Mercury 1 4-oz. meal/month 2 8-oz. meal/month …

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Utah Waterfowl Advisories

Introduction In 2022, in cooperation with the Division of Wildlife Resources, DWQ obtained tissue samples from 16 species of waterfowl from wetland areas adjacent to Great Salt Lake which included the Salt Creek Public Shooting Grounds, Ogden Bay, Farmington Bay, and Harold Crane Wildlife Management Areas. This effort was intended to update waterfowl consumption advisories …

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