Tag: Air Pollution

  • Top Five Ways to Reduce Pollution and Protect Your Health

    Know your air quality. Know how it will affect your health. Get some ideas to clean it up. Put them into a plan. Tools and Information Health symptom tracker for pollution episodes. Details on Utah’s Recess Guidance program. Short and medium-range weather forecast. Track Air Action days and see an Animated forecast of Utah pollution…

  • Ways to Winterize Your Home, Clean the Air and Cut Emissions

    Winterizing your home is one of the easiest ways to cut down on personal emissions. It also saves you money on energy costs. Here are a few steps to take before the weather gets any worse.

  • DEQ: Tips for Making Public Comments Count

    By Donna Kemp Spangler I understand people’s frustrations when they take the time to submit a written or verbal public comment on a regulatory proposal and at the end of the process, the final rule or regulation doesn’t seem to reflect their comment. They walk away with a feeling their comment doesn’t really matter. That’s…

  • Employer-Based Trip Reduction Programs Improve Air Quality

    By Mat Carlile Last week’s inversion wasn’t the kind of “present” any of us wanted for the holidays. We know that fine particulates caused by the buildup of  pollutants under the inversion’s “lid” create poor air quality and poses a health risk, particularly to the young, elderly, and those with respiratory and heart disease. We…

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