Tag: Ammonia

  • US Environmental Protection Agency Public Notices

    Read about Utah DEQ’s regulatory interests in US Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Jordan Narrows Gap Ammonia Transport Study

    This study will provide key meteorological support for the chemistry observations taken during the upcoming 2018-­-2019 winter season that are focused on the ammonia transport and air mass exchange between the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys. Principal Investigators: Sebastian W. Hoch, Erik Crosman (UU) Funded by Science for Solutions Grant: $19,510

  • Wasatch Front Ammonia and Chloride Observations (WaFACO)

    The objective of this study is to define the spatio-temporal behavior of atmospheric ammonia (NH3) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) along the Wasatch Front across both summer and winter seasons. This objective will be accomplished through three tasks developed in consultation with UDAQ and the U.S. EPA. These tasks include 1) networked NH3 and HCl observations,…

  • Ammonia Emission Assessment from Diesel and Gasoline Engines under Utah Specific Conditions

    To better understand the contribution of automobiles to Utah ammonia emissions, tailpipe ammonia (NH3) measurements will be taken in laboratory and on-road settings for an array of diesel and gasoline vehicles representative of Utah’s vehicle fleet. Principal Investigators: Randal S. Martin (USU), Joe Thomas (UDAQ), John Sohl (WSU) Funded for: $59,958

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