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Bountiful Pond Recreational Monitoring 2022

Monitoring for harmful algal blooms on August 16, 2022 GOOD NEWS: Over the past two weeks, water samples were all below Utah Department of Health recreational thresholds. Davis County Health Department has removed the Warning Advisory. Bountiful Pond looks good! Monitoring for harmful algal blooms on July 29, 2022 WARNING ADVISORY Under a Warning Advisory: …

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Bountiful Pond Recreational Monitoring 2021

Update October 7, 2021 (Waterborne Pathogens) The Waterborne Pathogens Warning Advisory for Bountiful Pond remains in place. On September 21st, Davis County Health Department visited Bountiful Pond. Samples taken show E. coli levels at 161.6 MPN, which is below the UDWQ/UDOH recommended Warning Advisory threshold of 235 MPN. Routine monitoring will continue monthly. September 3, …

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