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Certificate of Compliance Owners and operators of regulated petroleum underground storage tanks must qualify their tanks to receive a Certificate of Compliance. Close an UST How to close underground storage tanks in Utah. Forms for Underground Storage Tanks Various forms important for underground storage tank owners and operators. How to Prepare for UST Compliance Inspections …

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Hazardous Waste: DEQ Protects the Public through Inspections, Education

By Alex Pashley Almost everything we do creates some kind of waste. While many wastes are relatively benign, some are hazardous and need to be regulated to protect public health and the environment. As a hazardous waste inspector for the Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste (DSHW), I evaluate the hazardous …

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Compliance Program Protects Air Quality

By Jay Morris Did you know that there are over 1,500 stationary emission sources in Utah, along with several hundred federal and state air quality rules and regulations that cover these sources? When I first started performing air quality compliance inspections, I had no idea! Our program, which includes inspections, compliance assistance, and enforcement, protects …

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