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Soil Cleanup:
Ensign-Bickford Company

Menu Overview and Public Notices Waste Permit Soil Cleanup Public Information Notice: Public Comment/Public Hearing Information Meeting on Site Management (05/06/10 to 06/07/10) Site Management Plan for the Ensign-Bickford Company, Spanish Fork, Utah Includes the Environmental Covenant. (30 MB) Corrective Action Order Corrective Action Order: Consolidation CAMU Flow Diagram for Incinerator Notice: Public Comment/Public Hearing …

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Nitrate Groundwater Corrective Action Plan:
White Mesa Uranium Mill:
Energy Fuels Resources (USA) Inc.

Nitrate Comprehensive Monitoring Evaluation Report (61.44 MB) (07/23/18)–Author: Energy Fuels Final Stipulation and Consent Order Docket No. UGW12-04 (7MB) (12/12/12)—Author: DRC Public Participation Summary for Stipulation and Consent Order, Docket No. UGW12-04 (7MB) (09/11/12)—Author: DRC Response to March 19, 2012 DRC/URS Comments on Nitrate Corrective Action Plan – Docket No. UGW90-03 (14MB) (05/07/12)—Author: Dennison Nitrate …

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Gilly’s Inn

2019 Public Notice Public Notice (85 KB) Site Name: Former Gilly’s Inn Location: 15 North State Street, Ferron, Utah Close of Comments: July 13, 2019 Public Hearing – A public hearing may be held if written requests are received within the first 15 days of this public comment period that demonstrate significant public interest and …

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