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  • Top Five Ways to Reduce Pollution and Protect Your Health

    Know your air quality. Know how it will affect your health. Get some ideas to clean it up. Put them into a plan. Tools and Information Health symptom tracker for pollution episodes. Details on Utah’s Recess Guidance program. Short and medium-range weather forecast. Track Air Action days and see an Animated forecast of Utah pollution…

  • Air Quality and Your Health

    Air Quality and Outdoor Exercise (337 KB) (2014)—Research presentation. Air Quality and Outdoor Exercise Poster (192 KB) (2014)—Research poster. Clearance of Particulate Matter from the Lungs (356 KB) (2014)—Research presentation. Lung Fluid Lining: The Lung’s First Line of Defense (235 KB) (2014)—Research presentation. Ozone Health Effects (2 MB) (2011)—Research presentation.

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