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Mill Creek (Grand County) Recreational Monitoring 2022

Monitoring for waterborne pathogens on August 4, 2022 BE CAREFUL: E. coli counts have remained above the Utah Department of Health’s recreational thresholds. Exposure to this water may make humans sick. Do not swim Do not get water in your mouth Wash hands with soap and water after touching the water Learn more about waterborne …

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Mill Creek (Grand) Recreational Monitoring 2021

Update November 1, 2021 (Waterborne Pathogens) On October 27th, the Southeast Health Department re-visited Kens Lake. Samples were returned on August 22nd showing E. coli levels below the UDWQ/UDOH recommended Warning Advisory threshold of 235 MPN. Routine sampling will continue monthly Update August 27, 2021 (Waterborne Pathogens) On August 25th, the Southeast Health Department re-visited …

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