Tag: RTCR (Revised Total Coliform Rule)

RTCR Assessment Procedures

Assessing Samples, Sampling Sites and Sampling Protocols Some of the common items that should be evaluated at the sample site(s) include: Cleanliness and suitability of the sample tap and sink, Potential for hot water to enter the sample through the tap, and Conditions that may have changed at the sample site since the last sample …

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Bacteriologic Sampling and Public Notice

Bacteriologic Sampling: Utah Guidance Bacteriologic sampling information sheet. Utah guidance. Groundwater Rule (Bacteriological)—Triggered Monitoring A quick reference guide. Groundwater Rule (Bacteriological)—Triggered Monitoring Requirements The GWR triggered source monitoring requirements. Groundwater Rule (Bacteriological)—Notification Protocol Notification deadlines and requirements. Groundwater Rule (Bacteriological)—Notification Form For reporting a positive-coliform sample. Groundwater Rule (Bacteriological)—Small Entity Compliance Guide One of the …

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