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The State of Utah is home to towering mountain ranges, resource-rich basins, sprawling farmland, and vast deserts. These diverse environments are inhabited by equally diverse people, all of whom are affected by the air quality in our state. Understanding the factors that influence the quality of our air is imperative to mitigating the harmful effects of poor air quality on public health. The physical environment which includes atmospheric chemistry, meteorology, and topography, combines with by-products of modern technology and industry such as emissions from vehicles and buildings, to create air pollution problems that are unique to Utah. Research conducted by the Division of Air Quality and its community partners informs decisions made by the Utah State Legislature to improve our air quality.

Current & Recently Completed Studies

West Valley Toxics Study

Principal Investigator: Munkh Baasandorj (UDAQ/UU), Jaron Hansen (BYU) DAQ Contact: Nancy Daher (, Ph. D Two air sampling campaigns that will be carried out in West Valley City, UT during the winter and summer months using a suite of state-of-the-art instruments. Data from this study will allow for an estimate of population exposure to HAPs. …

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