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Pollution Prevention (P2) for Hazardous Chemicals

Prevention including Process Change and Safer Substitution EPA Safer Choice Program Green Screen for Safer Chemicals Source Reduction including Best Practices for Management and Use of Chemicals Best Management Practices to Mitigate Toxics and Implement a Greening Program Other Resources Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) P2 Tool Small Business Environmental Assistance Program

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DEQ Ombudsman Advocates for the Public, Ensures Fair Outcomes

By Paul Harding The Utah Department of Environmental (DEQ) strives to provide exceptional service in all we do, but this is especially true in the areas of environmental permitting and inspection. Part of that commitment to exceptional service is responding to concerns or complaints from the public and businesses. That’s where I come in: in …

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DEQ Helps Businesses Be Green, Stay Green

By Paul Harding Increasingly, businesses are integrating environmental sustainability practices into their long-term strategies. They find that sustainability is not only good for the environment, it’s good for their bottom line. So what does environmental sustainability look like for businesses? It can mean reducing waste, cutting energy use, or recycling materials. I work in DEQ’s …

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