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Air Quality Rule and Plan Changes Open for Public Comment

Subscribe to Email Alerts Get notifications of rulemaking actions taken by the Air Quality Board. Changes are proposed for the following rules and plans. The official publication for announcing such changes is the Utah State Bulletin, published on the 1st and 15th of each month by the Division of Administrative Rules. The public is invited …

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Air Quality Public Comment Technical Support Documentation

Rule and Plan Changes Open for Public Comment Alternative to BART Demonstration Demonstration Emission Calculation Methodology Modeling Protocol Modeling Results Sulfate Emission Calculation Using EPRI Methodology Monitoring Seasonal Visibility Trends Sulfate and Nitrate Trends Inventory Utah Regional Haze SIP Inventory 2003–2018

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Public Comment: Division of Air Quality

The Division of Air Quality solicits public comment on rules, plans, and operating permits through public comment periods and hearings. The following list presents links to proposed changes that are currently out for public comment: Exceptional Events Out for Public Comment Issues Open for Public Comment and Hearings NSR Intents-to-Approve Out for Public Comment Title …

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