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  • Seven Ways to Cut Emissions and Winterize Your Home

    Fall is quickly turning to winter. Before the snow blankets Utah, here are some helpful tips to winterize your home and reduce emissions.

  • Taking Stock of Emissions in Utah

    Air pollution along the Wasatch Front comes from a lot of different sources. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Air Quality works deliberately and tirelessly to understand the sources of air-quality-deteriorating-emissions and how to reduce them to improve air quality.

  • Compliance Program Protects Air Quality

    By Jay Morris Did you know that there are over 1,500 stationary emission sources in Utah, along with several hundred federal and state air quality rules and regulations that cover these sources? When I first started performing air quality compliance inspections, I had no idea! Our program, which includes inspections, compliance assistance, and enforcement, protects…

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