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Aragonite Permit: Clean Harbors, LLC

Aragonite is a commercial waste incineration, transfer, and storage facility located in a remote area of Tooele County, Utah. It was formerly known as Safety-Kleen (Aragonite) Inc., Laidlaw Environmental Services (Aragonite), Inc. and Aptus, Inc. The incinerator is a 140 million BTU slagging rotary kiln with a vertical afterburner chamber. The gas cleaning train consists …

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Clean Harbors Clive, LLC

Clean Harbors Clive, LLC is a subsidiary of Clean Harbors, Inc. and is in Tooele County. The facility is approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, three and one-half miles south of Exit 49 on I-80. The facility was known as the USPCI Clive Incineration facility when originally permitted in 1991. USPCI was later …

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RCRA Part B Hazardous Waste Permit:
Clean Harbors Grassy Mountain LLC

The Grassy Mountain Facility is a commercial, waste, treatment, storage and disposal facility located near Knolls, Tooele County. It is located approximately 80 miles west of Salt Lake City, Utah, in the desert portion of the Bonneville basin near the Grassy Mountains. The site is one square mile in area and is remotely located, 25 …

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