Aragonite Permit Attachment 10—Design Drawings:
Clean Harbors LLC

D-034-PI-001 3P&ID Legend Sheet 1 (Unstamped)
D-034-PI-004* 24Master Interlock System, Sheet 2
D-034-PI-005*19Operating Interlock System, Sheet 1
D-034-PI-006*11Operating Interlock System, Sheet 2
D-034-PI-10119P&ID Slagging Rotary Kiln System
D-034-PI-10220P&ID Kiln Feed System
D-034-PI-1038P&ID Kiln Miscellaneous Systems
D-034-PI-10527P&ID Front Wall Burner Controls, Sheet 1
D-034-PI-10634P&ID Front Wall Burner Controls, Sheet 2
D-034-PI-10723P&ID Afterburner Controls, Sheet 1
D-034-PI-10826P&ID Afterburner Controls, Sheet 2
D-034-PI-10912P&ID Afterburner Controls, Sheet 3
D-034-PI-110 9P&ID Deslagging System
D-034-PI-20121P&ID Spray Dryer Quench Tower
D-034-PI-20214P&ID Baghouse
D-034-PI-20415P&ID Saturator & Scrubber
D-034-PI-20528P&ID 1st Stage Neutralization System
D-034-PI-206 22P&ID 2nd Stage Neutralization System
D-034-PI-2078P&ID Soda Ash Storage Handling System
D-034-PI-20822P&ID Spray Dryer Feed System
D-034-PI-2098P&ID Cooling Tower
D-034-PI-2114P&ID Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
D-034-PI-2124P&ID I.D. Fan and Stack
D-034-PI-2138P&ID Emergency Air/Water
D-034-PI-2145P&ID Residue Handling Building
D-800-PI-2154Piping Diagram CEM System #1
D-800-PI-2162Piping Diagram CEM System #2
D-034-PI-2202Activated Carbon Silo
D-034-PI-2213PAC Dosing System Train 1
D-034-PI-2223PAC Dosing System Train 3
D-034-PI-3007P&ID Liquid Unloading Pumps
D-034-PI-30112P&ID Waste Liquid Transfer Pumps
D-034-PI-302-124P&ID Direct Burn Waste Liquid Unloading
D-034-PI-302-2 5P&ID Direct Burn Waste Liquid Unloading
D-034-PI-302-311Sludge Pad Direct Burn Station
D-034-PI-3033P&ID Feed Tanks Sheet 1
D-034-PI-3044P&ID Feed Tanks Sheet 2
D-034-PI-3054P&ID Liquids Storage
D-034-PI-3064P&ID Liquids Storage
D-034-PI-3078P&ID Liquids Storage Tanks, PE Stamped 01/15/21
D-034-PI-3086P&ID Liquids Storage Tanks
D-034-PI-3097P&ID Liquids Storage Tanks, PE Stamped 2/22/10
D-034-PI-3109P&ID Liquids Storage Tanks
D-034-PI-3134P&ID Blend & Transfer Pumps
D-034-PI-3145P&ID Blended Liquid Feed & Transfer Pumps
D-034-PI-3155P&ID Aqueous Feed Pumps
D-800-PI-31619AP&ID Hydrocarbon Vent System
D-800-PI-3176P&ID Vent System and Combustibles Analyzers
D-034-PI-3186P&ID Compressed Gas Waste
D-034-PI-4014P&ID Solids Handling
D-034-PI-40219P&ID Sludge Handling
D-800-PI-4088Building E-4 Decant P&ID
D-800-PI-41024P&ID Combustibles Monitoring System
D-800-PI-4114P&ID Comb. Air Carbon Adsorption System
D-034-PI-6018P&ID Fuel Oil/Outside Storage Tanks/Pumps, PE Stamped 2/22/10
D-034-PI-6025P&ID Area Sumps Sheet 1
D-034-PI-60312P&ID Area Sumps Sheet 2
D-034-PI-6047P&ID Air Compressor System
D-034-PI-60515P&ID Nitrogen & Fuel Oil
D-034-PI-60614P&ID Plant, Instrument Air & Propane
D-034-PI-6074P&ID Plant Water, Runoff Water, Fire Water
D-034-PI-60811P&ID Potable Water
D-034-PI-60914P&ID Plant Water
D-034-PI-701 0Komar Shredder Feed Systems
D-034-PI-7021Komar Airlock
D-034-PI-7030Komar Dual Shredder System
D-034-PI-704 0Screw Conveyor to Auger Kiln Feed
D-034-PI-7050Komar Kiln Feed Auger System
D-034-PF-10015Overall Flow Scheme
D-800-PF-2751Process Flow Diagram—Typical December 1997
D-800-PF-2761Process Flow Diagram—Typical December 1997
D-034-PF-301 Sheet 1 of 212Liquids Handling (Tank Farm)—Flowsheet
D-034-PF-301 Sheet 2 of 27Liquids Handling (Tank Farm)—Flowsheet
D-034-PF-30212Direct Burn & Cylinder Material Handling—Flowsheet
D-034-PF-4019Process Flow Diagram—Barrel Handling
D-034-PF-4029Sludge and Bulk Solids Handling—Flowsheet
D-034-PF-60310Closed Vent System Flowsheet
D-034-PF-6049Hydrocarbon Vent System Flow Diagram
D-034-M-00113Site Plan
D-034-M-00235Plot Plan
D-034-M-002-SP27Sump and Sump Pump Location
D-034-M-00529Safety Equipment Plan
D-034-M-4010Cylinder Storage Area Plot Plan
D-800-M-40216Container Storage Building Plan
D-800-M-4039Material Handling Area Plan
D-800-M-500 2Shredder Tower Barrel Storage Area
D-800-M-5020Explosives Handling and Storage
SK-090-997-AR3Area Site Plan

* NOTE: These drawings include interlocks that are not required by this permit. They are required by other permits and are included in these drawings to avoid the confusion caused by two sets of interlock drawings.


For more information about Clean Harbors Aragonite Permit, please contact either Rick Page ( or Boyd Swenson ( (801) 536-0200.

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