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Echo Reservoir Recreational Monitoring 2021

Update August 31, 2021 (HABs) Samples taken from the reservoir on Aug 26, 2021 show toxigenic cell density results below UDWQ/UDOH recommended Warning Advisory threshold of 100,000 cells/mL. Routine monitoring will resume monthly. Update August 27, 2021 (HABs) The DWQ HABs monitoring team re-visited Echo Reservoir on August 26th. Harmful algal blooms were observed at …

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Echo Reservoir Algal Bloom Monitoring 2020

Update November 2, 2020 The Utah Division of Water Quality’s water recreation season runs from May 1 through October 31. At this time, no further monitoring or sampling for harmful algal blooms or waterborne pathogens at priority water bodies will be conducted until May 2021. This does not mean that the potential for harmful algal …

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Echo Reservoir Algal Bloom Monitoring 2019

Update October 18, 2019 The Summit County Health Department lifted the Warning Advisory for Echo Reservoir on October 18, 2019, after consecutive sampling showed toxin levels and cyanobacteria cell-count concentrations had fallen below the advisory threshold. Update October 11, 2019 Cyanobacteria cell-count concentrations and toxin test results for samples collected by the Division of Water …

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