Tag: Electric Vehicle (EV) charging

  • Ask An Environmental Scientist: Do More Electric Vehicles = Less Winter Inversions?

    Do electric vehicles affect winter air quality? How does an increase in electric power demand affect local pollution? Answers from a DEQ scientist inside.

  • DEQ Offers $4.9 Million in Grants for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

    The Utah Division of Air Quality is administering the Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Funding Assistance Program. The program provides financial assistance to purchase electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) for Utah businesses.

  • Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Funding Assistance Program

    During the 2019 General Legislative Session, the State Legislature appropriated $4.9 million to be used as an incentive for the installation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) throughout the State. The EVSE Incentive Program allows businesses, non-profit organizations, and other governmental entities (excluding State Executive Branch agencies) to apply for a grant for reimbursement of…

  • DEQ Powers Up With Additional EV Chargers

    This month, the electric vehicle charging stations at the Utah Department of Environmental Quality headquarters are getting an upgrade. This will increase the number of chargers at DEQ to 30 charging port—including a DC Fast charger.

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