Tag: Idle-Free

  • School Bus Program:
    Be Idle Free

    In a landmark effort that has become a model for other states, the Utah State Office of Education, in partnership with the Utah Clean Cities Coalition, has developed a state school bus idle reduction program that has schoolchildren, their parents, and bus drivers cheering … and breathing deeply

  • Some Common Myths:
    Be Idle Free

    Many people are unaware that reducing the time a vehicle spends idling can make a big difference in both air quality and fuel costs.

  • Health Effects:
    Be Idle Free

    Idling can be bad for your health. While children, the elderly, and people with respiratory ailments are most vulnerable to the pollutants from vehicle exhaust, these emissions affect everybody.

  • Be Idle Free

    Idling your vehicle gets you nowhere. It increases our dependence on petroleum, reduces the fuel economy of your vehicle, costs you money, emits pollutants, and wastes precious natural resources.

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