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  • Inland Port Monitoring

    The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has been tasked with establishing baseline conditions for stormwater and air quality within the statutorily defined area of Utah Inland Port (UIP) Authority. In addition, DEQ has been a part of land remediation and clean-up efforts at the North Temple Landfill Redevelopment site. Data collected by DEQ through…

  • Testing the Waters at the Inland Port

    To protect the Great Salt Lake, the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Water Quality developed a water quality sampling plan to check the effects of the inland port on the lake. This will provide the Utah Inland Port Authority and DEQ scientists with valuable data about potential stormwater-related pollution at the site.

  • New Stations Installed to Monitor Inland Port Emissions

    This summer scientists from DAQ have installed two new air quality monitors to measure potential emissions from the inland port.

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